April Sponsor – Marc Metz

Marc Metz, Optimus Sales Group powered by Sales Xceleration

At Optimus Sales Group, we help company Presidents or CEO's of a small to medium size business with $ 1M to $ 25M in revenue that has reached the point where it has become difficult to grow their sales results without Experienced Sales Leadership and Oversight on the sales team.

- I assess your current sales team
- I handle all aspects of leading, developing, coaching and driving your sales team onsite
- I work hands-on with your sales team as they increase their sales readiness
- I deliver and implement your Sales Team's growth capabilities including Hiring, Compensation
Plans, CRM, Forecasting, Defined Sales Process, Sales Plans and much more....

- I work as your Fractional VP of Sales 1, 2 or 3 days per week on-site with your team.
- I execute my deliverables to your company under a written and detailed Scope of Work (SOW) that clearly describes how I deliver the discipline, accountability and needed sales infrastructure to build and grow your sales team and sales strategy.

Website: https://www.salesxceleration.com/advisors/marc-metz/