December 2017 Sponsor: Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis, Reliance Financial Services

Reliance Financial Services provides financial analysis, consulting, divorce financial planning and forensic accounting services to a diverse group of clients in St. Louis, Missouri. We provide financial analysis and expertise to help our clients:

• Investigate financial matters and develop solutions to address issues
• Problem-solve and generate options overcoming disputes and financial obstacles
• Gain financial clarity and establish financial security for the future
• Make well-informed financial decisions – in business, dispute, and family matters

Our services are suitable for the following purposes:

• Litigated, Mediated, and Collaborative Divorce
• Partnership and business disputes
• Sale of a controlling or non-controlling interest in a business
• Financial analysis and planning for business growth and transition

If you, or someone you know, feels frustrated from a lack of financial information, clarity or direction, then let us know. We can provide the financial anlaysis, interpretation, and "what-if" options needed to make well-informed decisions impacting business and personal finances.

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