October 2017 Sponsor: Wendy Breese

Wendy Breese,  Lemongrass Spa

I provide over 400 natural and organic skin care products for the entire family that are indulgent, purposeful and affordable. Our formulas contain beneficial organic essential oils, plant oils and botanical extracts for ultimate healing & health food for the skin! The products contain no harsh, toxic chemicals. Handcrafted items are free of parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol and gluten.

My greatest passion is promoting our "Honor the Heros Campaign"! It is a way of giving back to those who serve and protect in our community whether they are police officers, firefighters, veterans, parents, teachers, nurses, daycare providers or whoever a hero is to someone!

I also provide an extraordinary opportunity for entrepreneurs to own their own business. It can provide part time or full time income in an exploding industry with one of the fastest growing companies within the industry!

For more information, visit http://www.wendymbreese.com/