Stop Trying to Get Caught Up…It’s Futile

Why systematize your business? Gain insight and review examples of how standardization has positively impacted successful businesses, enabling them to outwit, outplay, and outlast challenges.

Bill Prenatt, while being a proven expert in sales strategies and implementation is a knowledgeable and passionate champion for what he calls a game-changing trend of systematizing your business. He opens his presentation asking the audience if they often feel like they are on the show Survivor. He provides examples of how standardization impacted his work with Allen Foods. He also cites the story of how McDonald’s can tear down and re-build a restaurant in 90 days because they are so systems-driven. He uses this presentation to build a strong case for standardization in business stating it is a way to outwit, outplay, and outlast any challenges that arise.

Bill Prenatt describes the predominance of fire-fighting and scarcity and how we support this with the mantra that everything is hard and tedious; in other words, we are our own worst enemy. This is a big reason we are not thriving. He focuses on how systems help us to:

  • Set Direction
  • Get organized
  • Recognize and stop focusing on the trivial
  • Consistently work on improving our businesses

Bill Prenatt asserts that waves of change so big and so bold that we aren’t able to recognize and respond to them. On top of this, we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. We are a service economy with a product model and don’t know how to sell the invisible, the services we provide. He cites Uber is an example that change is in the air. He also cautions that only 6% of entrepreneurs are systematic.

Bill provides solutions including:

  • Adopting an abundance mindset
  • Shifting from fire-fighting to fire-proof
  • Shifting your paradigm from urgent to important
  • Adopting systems to save you stress, time, energy, and money
  • Understanding systems and why standardization matters
  • Using systems to move from managing many issues to a vital few

Bill Prenatt concludes by briefly describing the standardization stages and invites the audience to determine where they are on the systems cycle so the learn how to leverage them. He asserts we must identity, banish and replace our way of doing things with a systemic approach for operating.

Bill Prenatt is CEO of Simply Successful and Executive Director of e4e. If you are interested in learning more about the art and science of taking control of your life, contact Bill at He will always have a generosity of spirit and much practical wisdom to share.


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