How To Succeed Without a Co-Pilot

In this humorous panel discussion led by Ann Prenatt a small group of experts focuses on providing guidance for succeeding at business so you are not flying alone.

The questions asked and answered by this team include:

  • What is your company name and how did you come up with it?
  • How important is networking in building your business?
  • When did you know your company was going to make it and be successful?
  • What is your biggest challenge in your business and how do you overcome it?
  • When you have a problem or an idea and are looking for feedback, where do you go to get support?
  • Where do you find good help?
  • What do you let go of first when prioritizing?
  • Do you conduct annual business planning and do you include scalability plans if you do?
  • Are systems do you have in place that have improved your business significantly?
  • At what point during your business development, did you know you needed support and help from others?
  • How do you manage your calendar and what tricks have you discovered?

The power of group think and the joy of sharing questions and solutions together in an open and authentic manner is evident in this panel discussion which paved the way for further rapport and mutual support among existing members and new audience participants alike.


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