Teamwork Through Complementary Skills

Unique ability plus excellent teamwork equals success.

Brian Lunt, a highly experienced banking executive recently left a successful financial career to fulfill his vision for launching a new business concept each week for fifty weeks. He knows that fulfilling on great business ideas requires gathering and organizing, effective, collaborative teams to make them work. He starts out his presentation using basketball as a metaphor for doing what you love, knowing how you are best qualified to contribute, and understanding how to use your skills in cooperation as part of a comprehensive team.

The suggestions Brian has for helping viewers to be successful on a team include:

  • Use a reliable assessment tool to determine the strengths and values of each person who is interested in talking part in your vision
  • Create clarity about what tasks you choose to own and which ones you don’t want so you can communicate about those open for others to adopt
  • Get the word out about your visions and start conversations with a variety of people
  • Brainstorm using group discussion and visuals until you find the right combination of people who together make a fully functioning whole
  • Get the perspective of a banking or financial expert to understand the financial and operational aspects for developing and implementing business ideas, projects and organizations.

For further information on how to collaborate with Brian Lunt on any of your business ideas and to find out all the latest wisdom he has since acquired, call him at 636.262.9918 or email him at


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