Using Video to Increase Exposure and Grow Your Business

Video is the next wave in business marketing. It pays to know the benefits now so you don’t miss out on incredible opportunities.

Video and photography expert Steve Gamache brings many years and a wide range of expertise in applying media development to enhance and promote business. He starts by saying that there is an endless source of video marketing resources available. In this presentation, he provides much industry data and knowledge while also making it his goal to collaborate during the session so that video marketing information is custom for the audience. Important facts he shares in-depth include:

  • Important statistics on YouTube and other forms of internet video marketing traffic now and predicted in the next 3-5 years.
  • Five reasons why to use video content
  • Video distribution strategies for hosting, sharing and reaching your the marketplace effectively
  • Content ideas that work
  • Metrics to use for guiding you in what’s effective
  • Numerous ways for using video in your business

Steve Gamache understands the world of winning content marketing, webvideo marketing and business-to-business marketing. To gain his support for your future marketing experts, contact Steve for consulting, videotaping and photography at or 314.662.3896


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