Video: 7 things you need to know about SEO in 2015

In order to get the maximum coverage possible on the internet, a thorough understanding of the latest effective SEO practices in 2015 is essential

Website marketing and SEO expert Will Hanke follows the latest trends in marketing your business on the internet and how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in outdated SEO habits from the past. In this video presentation, he covers the following:

  • Why to stop using SEO shortcuts such as keyword stuffing, mass submissions on directories, and creating excessive and fluffy press releases
  • Provide frequent, quality written and video content
  • Make sure all your links are working correctly
  • Have a mobile friendly website
  • Learn how and implement a strategy to be social media friendly
  • Use trust symbols on your site to reassure prospects and clients your site is safe and credible
  • Get satisfied clients to do reviews on your business on your website and on other sites

Will Hanke offers tips for creating a robust website that is effective in attracting and converting customers. Will Hanke is Owner of Where Is My Business and can be reached at


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