Video: Accountability

Personal accountability is a game-changer. Sales Expert Bill Prenatt facilitates reflection on the systems needed and habits to change in order to get new results.

Seasoned sales expert Bill Prenatt has decades of firsthand experience and a proven track record managing large teams of people who he has assisted in staying self-motivated and accountable in order to get results. He starts his presentation by demonstrating through a key question to the audience, that most people lack formal training related to holding one’s self and others accountable even though healthy accountability is a crucial organizational game-changer. In his presentation, Bill addresses the following:

  1. Systems and their importance in supporting the management of work activities and measuring outcomes
  2. Relying on masters of accountability who have left us a legacy of wisdom to draw upon for living a better life through personal choice
  3. Statistics concerning the low number of people who take personal responsibility
  4. Resources to support healthy development of intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility
  5. A excellent practical example of an accountability system to clearly illustrate a, daily method for staying motivated, focused, on task, prioritizing and creating new habits that bring success
  6. Five C’s or values that build trusting relationships and accountable communications
  7. Recognizing symptoms and getting to the core reasons and solutions for transforming poor follow-through into responsible behaviors
  8. Accountability systems including problem-solving strategies, the use of SMART goals in order to be specific and supportive relationships where people share challenges, support change and celebrate successes

Bill Prenatt is CEO of Simply Successful and Executive Director of e4e. If you are interested in learning more about the art and science of taking control of your life, contact Bill at He will always have a generosity of spirit and much practical wisdom to share.

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