Video: Aligning Sellers and Buyers

Author, pricing and sales strategist Dale Furtwengler opens this presentation describing success stories when using psychographics, a process of identifying who shares your values and is most likely to welcome you as a service provider. In this video presentation, Dale shares the importance of:

  • Understanding your ideal psychographic customer profile
  • Communicating effectively in your marketing messages to attract ideal prospects
  • Qualifying (and disqualifying) prospects using psychographic questions in your marketing and sales processes
  • Recognizing why some people are your ideal customers and how to find more of them
  • Identifying what it is about some prospects that provides you the greatest joy and profits

Dale Furtwengler is author of the internationally acclaimed book, Pricing for Profit. His company, Furtwengler & Associates, Inc., helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. For more pricing/branding/marketing/sales tips visit his website, You can also find his eBook, “Psychographic Profiling: How to sell more, more quickly with less effort”

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