Video: Attract Prospects and Generate Leads

LinkedIn and Webinar expert Josh Turner has developed proven systems for how to attract, engage and influence prospects to attend webinars and then become customers because of his ability to consistently create successful and effective lead generation strategies, especially webinars. Josh recommends specific technologies and tools to manage all aspects of webinar creation, promotion and implementation so you go about using this strategy in the best possible way

In this video, you receive information on:

  • The type of platform to use.
  • Approaches for email marketing, social media and messaging designed to qualify prospects directly by exploring LinkedIn groups using niches and custom messaging.
  • Designing good landing pages that convince prospects to sign up and give up their email address and time to attend your webinar.
  • How to engage a variety of markets (e.g. financial advisors or business coaches and consultants)
  • Using personalized communications after a person registers for your webinar to build excitement and strengthen your relationship with them.
  • What pre-webinar information to offer in order to establish value and build relationships so people are ready to purchase at the end of your webinar.
  • Why bonuses (including what type) help prospects to register and attend.
  • Questions to help you identify custom audiences and engage in re-targeting.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook strategies and tools for target marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • How to identify and utilize partners, affiliates and paid media buys and deals.
  • A specific template to help you determine which of three types of webinars to choose, and the key pages you must-have, including why and how they are positioned and timed in your webinar.
  • How to wrap up during Q&A, engage and convert your prospects or follow up on leads until they convert.

In this highly comprehensive presentation, Josh Turner provides ample evidence he lives what he teaches and has the experience and results to make him the perfect expert to follow. Josh Turner is Founder of Linked Selling, Linked University and most recently, Webinarli. He will help you manage lead generation campaigns through LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and webinars. You can reach him at or 314-574-1352


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