Video: Brand Defensive Strategies

Marketing and PR expert Scott Kolbe provides key concepts for how to build a strong, positive reputation and brand and grow a tribe of followers using social media, all while avoiding pitfalls. He also provides key information for protecting yourself and your company’s reputation by being emotionally and socially intelligent in your social media interactions. In this presentation, he makes many key points including:

  • Social media is more likely the way you become acquainted with others today than by face-to-face meetings.
  • The importance of creating content whether it’s perfect or not because creative content is needed everywhere
  • The difference between a thought leader and a do leader – the proof is in the doing and results
  • Why and how to get and keep people’s attention, especially millennium’s, so they remain engaged and come back to your brand regularly
  • The importance of strategizing to keep a continuous circle of communication going
  • Finding adequate time to create good content that builds your reputation and answers the question, “why should anyone care?”
  • Building a tribe of many followers using a creative gimmick or message
  • Using social media to inspire a positive response from customers even when you have product or service flaws
  • Tips to stay on top of complaints about your brand or services
  • Tips to create a media loop so your prospects keep coming back through re-marketing and re-posting of your social media
  • Understanding the tools and shortcuts for creating and maintaining a social media strategy
  • Connecting to many through your personal and professional passions
  • Monetizing your social media efforts
  • Understanding your purpose and vision for your social media presence
  • Measuring your results using affordable tools and strategies

Scott Kolbe leads viewers to understand what’s needed in order to be relevant, entertaining, adaptable and protected. Scott co-owns KolbeCo Marketing with his wife Lauren. For more information on this topic and other marketing, social media and PR strategies and practices, visit or contact Scott at 636-379-3895 x 13.

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