Video: Building Caring Relationships

Human Systems Specialist Judy Ryan provides practical advice and tools to help improve the level of caring and overall quality of relationships. During this video, she demonstrates use of several tools she introduces in this presentation which includes how to become skilled in:

  1. Navigating Four Stages to Achieve Authentic Community
  2. Making Accountable Requests and Agreements
  3. Understanding the Logical Reasons we Gossip and What to do Instead
  4. Six Steps for Using a Healthy Venting Process

Judy Ryan is the owner of LifeWork Systems. She is an award-winning trainer, consultant, coach, keynote presenter and columnist. Judy works with progressive thought leaders, executives and change agents who want to succeed by building healthy culture and highly productive teams. If you would like Judy Ryan’s support, you can reach her at, visit her website or call her at 314.239.4727

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