Video: Converting Leads to Sales

Email marketing expert Tom Ruwitch provides crucial tips for converting leads into paying customers. In this video, he describes important steps in the sales cycle including how to engage prospects through use of social media and email marketing processes to build a trusting relationship with them until they are ready to purchase your products and services.

He contends sales most often result from direct personal contact, especially as the cost of services increase and that interactive technologies are not intended to replace closing a deal. You still need to use direct personal contact for that.

Technology is designed and implemented to help you identify and engage qualified prospects and move them quickly to activities that close sales. Email marketing expert Tom Ruwitch shares how interactive technology strategies engage prospects, offer specific value, and provide information about who interacts with your technology, so you can determine priority prospects to call and meet.

Tom Ruwitch suggests you do and remember to:

  • Use interactive technology to grow relationships
  • Provide value and service in your content
  • Track engagement (clicks) to build a warmer phone list
  • Invite those following you to an online or live event
  • Make sure to use a call to action: “Call to schedule an appointment”
  • Send personalized follow-up meeting conversation request
  • Don’t make the same offerings to everyone – make sure it’s relevant (educate, inform and entertain and make your message as custom as possible)
  • Create content to address your prospects’ frequently asked questions, questions they should be asking and objections they may or do give
  • Tell stories to strengthen engagement to help you build long-term customer retention
  • Lead them to the well by making a pitch or offer at the end of an event or during the follow-up
  • Know how you close a sale and create strategies around doing so

Tom Ruwitch knows how to leverage technology and a myriad of sales strategies to build relationships and establish and implement systems that convert leads to sales. For support in defining your content marketing plan, contact marketing expert Tom Ruwich at MarketVolt by phone 314-993-3732 ext 18 or by email or visit his website

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