Video: Crafting a Powerful Elevator Speech and Public Presence

Crafting a Powerful Elevator Speech and Public Presence

Trainer, coach and author Fred Miller is an expert in communications, specializing in public speaking and networking. In this comprehensive 43-minute presentation, Fred introduces the elevator speech, including why and how to build it in mix-and-match components that meet any need. Fred stresses the need to establish credibility, and clearly articulate what you do and who you are in a brief and concise manner all while speaking in a memorable, impactful way.

In order to be highly effective when interacting in any public speaking event, including the mini-presentation you provide in your elevator speech, this video presentation provides you detailed information on:

  • What is an elevator speech and why we need one and how to deliver one in a variety of situations
  • The difference between a good and bad elevator speech
  • The 8 Floors of the elevator speech template process
  • What and why the Rule of 3s?
  • The difference between content and delivery and understanding effective and ineffective verbal and non-verbal delivery
  • Glossophobia; the common fears related to public speaking and how to overcome them
  • The importance of practicing and perfecting your public speaking craft
  • Networking do’s and don’ts, including how to avoid Velcro networking traps

Fred Miller demystifies what it takes to speak with authority and credibility, so you impact your business prospects in a desirable manner. In addition to the dense information in this presentation, he provides two major takeaways: 1. The Elevator speech template and 2. The Presentation template.

Fred Miller walks his talk, delivering information in a manner that educates, entertains and explains all you need to know to feel confident at your next networking event or public speaking opportunity. He is a local Speaker, Author, and Presentation Coach. The title of his first book is, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” Businesses, Individuals, and organizations hire him to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. For more information, contact Fred at: and

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