Video: Don’t Hold up Progress… Hold up Your End of The Bargain!

Human Systems expert Judy Ryan opens her presentation talking with the audience about their pre-work, asking if they did or did not do it and more importantly, why? She focuses on the internal and external communication that each had prior to the program, asking each person to consider if what mindset they decided from when making a decision about this request and others. She points out how each party in an exchange has a part to play in the success of the interaction. She focuses on:

  1. How to be authentic in teamwork. Sometimes we act like we are agreeing with someone or avoid responding to them or their request in order to avoid possible conflict, doing something they don’t want or being criticized
  2. A tool to communicate accountably when giving and receiving a request. Not only is it important to make a request with complete clarity, it is equally important to answer a request with complete clarity too.
  3. A tool to communicate frustrations around accountability. Judy shares ways to communicate concerning frustrations in a way that indicates what behavior is causing frustration, why you want things to be different and how to ask for specific behavior changes.
  4. A tool to take responsibility for results you obtain when attempting to gain cooperation. The thermometer exercise demonstrates that we often blame others rather than considering our own inability to be influential or remain determined to become so through trial and error until we achieve success.

In this presentation, Judy Ryan provides participants with many hands-on tools that empower each to take full responsibility for conversations, and ensure they are likely to lead to accountable agreements.

Judy Ryan is owner of LifeWork Systems. She is an award-winning trainer, consultant, coach, keynote presenter and columnist. Judy works with progressive thought leaders, executives and change agents who want to succeed by building healthy culture and highly productive teams. If you would like Judy’s support, you can reach her at, visit her website or call her at 314.239.4727


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