Video: Effective Networking

Meeting people and connecting in a memorable and caring manner is truly an art. Consistent, responsible and purposeful strategies make Mark Brimer more than qualified to guide others in the process of effective networking. In addition to running a successful business, he walks the talk, citing many examples from his own experience.

Entrepreneur and networking expert Mark Brimer provides a hands-on, strategic presentation on how to prepare and engage in effective networking before, during and after events. He helps all he meets, including those attending this presentation by immediately imploring each to consider the…

  • Vast amount of people you know and may not realize are in your network
  • Number of people who likely don’t know what you do and how to educate them
  • Three industries that are good referrals or industries for you
  • Best connected people in your network and how to approach them
  • People willing to buy-in to what you do and connect you to the people you want to meet
  • Top three people who would be the best to buy in to what you do and promote you
  • Places and associations that can net you new referrals and how to mine them
  • Hobbies, volunteers and associations that are hidden resources for referrals
  • List you create that best describes your ideal prospects and helps you to ask for them
  • Set of questions to engage your prospects in a reciprocal and supportive relationship
  • Value you provide when you become a rich resource for people by generously providing introductions
  • List of the type of people you’d like to meet and how to communicate this to others
  • Importance of finding a way to be memorable in a positive, creative or funny way
  • Quick blurb or elevator pitch you use to introduce yourself creatively enough that become curious about you and remember you
  • Importance of being prepared no matter how prepared others are
  • Strategy to get others to ask for your card and help you
  • Value of demonstrating your helpfulness first through helping others grow their business
  • Importance of asking others what you can do for them outside of what you do and then providing service regarding their answer as fast as possible
  • Ways to create win/win dynamics so people talk about you even when you’re not there
  • Commitment to find out quickly who you can introduce to the person in front of you
  • Importance of really knowing people in your social networks so your connections are highly helpful
  • Number of new customers you need within a year
  • Need to attend weekly networking groups and set up one-on-one meetings
  • Goal to leave every event with a specific number of new opportunities
  • Value of reciprocity thinking and behaving
  • Practice of considering who you can connect with next
  • Need to be reliable and consistent
  • Targets to keep in mind and doing your homework on them so you can find out all the connections
  • Compliments and mindfulness you need to provide your referral sources
  • Need for possibility thinking so you are open to connections you could never predict could happen when you bring someone or introduce people
  • Need to follow-up in a responsible and excellent way, including sending thank you notes
  • List of people you can hand out written requests for introductions within their networks
  • Platinum rule, which is finding out how others want to be treated and provide that to them
  • Consistency of habits and routines in networking and meeting with people
  • Tricks you draw upon in order to remain positive and personable no matter what is going on in your life
  • Ways to track connections and be a connection others want to track
  • Need to consistently be memorable enough to be in first and second place of people doing what you do
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