Video: Effective Workplace Culture

Chris Torbit is a successful business owner with a growing, thriving business. He walks the talk, making culture and guiding principles a priority. He shares many stories about how he defines, clarifies and keeps his culture statement front and center with not only himself and his employees, he shares them with vendors and clients. In his presentation:

  • How to get started – clarify why you are here (mission), who you are (values) and how you express your mission through your vision
  • The importance of sharing with everyone your values and principles so you are matched
  • Spending time with staff to review purpose and values
  • Talk about mission and values at performance time
  • Firing clients and employees when their behavior is not aligned with the guiding principles
  • Distinguish your company by discussing your values-based approach
  • Reinforcing behaviors and values with actions and events
  • Expect resistance but stay the course with passion and purpose

Chris Torbit is a consummate professional who is wise enough to know that business is more than sales and marketing. He knows that having a values-based and purpose-driven business is key to sustainable and effective growth. To learn more about great business strategy or for help in selecting the best in phone technology, contact Chris Torbit at 314-801-6700.


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