Video: From Connection to Conversion: Your Marketing and Business DNA

Marketing expert Steve Smart assists business owners in clearing away the fog caused by so many marketing options. He understands entrepreneurs wear too many hats and how easy it is for them to get pulled into tactical details instead of making sure to first be strategic in planning and defining business systems. He asserts that a sound strategy facilitates order and order brings clarity of thought, better planning and better execution.

In this video, viewers come to understand the specific systems, processes and methodologies to turn chaos into order, so growing your business is easy and successful. Steve Smart shares concepts that help business owners:

  1. Think strategically about your business in ways that are then applied tactically
  2. Your brand and how to communicate it thoroughly and consistently
  3. Finding the sweet spot in your business and how it relates to your marketing, including your website, web performance and maintenance

Steve introduces his powerful business DNA process as the intersection of your customer’s interest and what you have to offer. He’s defined a way of capturing the essence of your business and how to communicate it effectively to your prospects, focusing on their greatest needs. It helps you understand your customer’s problems, needs and wants and how to satisfy them with your greatest strengths and solutions. In this video, Steve Smart outlines the primary benefits of defining your business DNA, including how it:

  1. Makes your marketing easier
  2. Attracts more business to you
  3. Ensures you make higher profit margins

His theory behind DNA includes:

  1. When you are in your business sweet spot, you have clearly defined real client needs and are able to consistently provide the best possible services well to meet those needs without getting side-tracked or diverted outside of your core strengths.
  2. You are far more likely to attract the business you want and filter out the business you don’t want when your marketing communications reflect your business sweet spot and speak directly to your customer’s interests.
  3. Your margins and your bottom line improve when you learn to compete on value rather than on price.

He introduces four out of nine key components to his business DNA process, including identifying:

  1. Business Segments –dividing your business into logical parts such as products and services to enhance internal and marketing communication
  2. Customer Segments – defining different types of customers
  3. Customer Needs and Aspirations – identifying a variety of pain to be relieved and types of motivations customers have for buying
  4. Business Distinctions – values and features that make your prospects eager to choose you over others in your business segment

Steve Smart concludes this presentation by helping viewers to consider ways to implement the steps outlined for creating, documenting and applying key components through your marketing communications, and to better create your selling, marketing and website collaterals all based on your DNA. He presents the concepts of persona’s and how to determine SEO criteria by using your DNA as a guide for using both to further reach your ideal clients.

Steve Smart is Owner of 2QSolutions. Contact him today to benefit from his professional marketing support and learn how you can benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge. You can reach him at

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