Video: Give Your Back a Break

Dr. Dan Fazio provides a demonstration of simple micro-break exercises the audience can benefit from while working all day at a workstation or desk. He explains the process and the reasons to engage in these exercises to ensure significant improvements to your body’s health and comfort. Dr. Fazio leads viewers through a process for:

  • What, why and how to use hourly micro-breaks
  • Lowering and rising safely from a sitting position
  • Ensuring your desk chair is set in the best possible position to support your spine correctly
  • Functional engagement of the muscles rather than focusing exclusively on ergonomic equipment stability alone

In a memorable, simple and practical way, Dr. Fazio provides viewers a variety of practical tips and brief actions that are easy, brief and effective. To contact Dr. Dan Fazio, email or call him ( or 636-227-4442) at Roots of Wellness.

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