Video: Google Adwords

Do Google Adwords deserve a place in your marketing arsenal? With 6 billion internet searches per day, this powerful tool may provide you unparalleled reach.

With humor and distinction, marketing expert Adam Kreitman brings the topic of Adwords out from under the radar. In his presentation he provides eleven sound reasons for considering Adwords in your overall marketing strategic plan. The reasons include:

  1. You have unparalleled reach. With six billion internet searches per day, including fast-growing YouTube site and ability to purchase ads on display networks to collectively reach 90% of internet users worldwide
  2. You are virtually guaranteed a nearly instant page 1 ranking
  3. You reach highly motivated, target prospects
  4. You only pay for clicks and website visits
  5. You dominate search results. 97% of Google Ads are number 1
  6. You have tremendous control and flexibility. You are able to manage keywords, a budget, CPC, geo-targeting, time and dates, destination URL and what bidding strategy you use.
  7. You receive excellent data and reporting. You track the ROI
  8. You are forced to get your act together. You quickly understand the significance of your marketing and traffic, what’s working and what’s not.
  9. You have a highly effective keyword research and market research tool.
  10. You can still win no matter the size of your organization.
  11. You can afford to use Adwords, even as a small business.

Adam Kreitman makes a compelling case for exploring and using Adwords for your business. He says it’s not a solution for all businesses but for many, it can be a game-changer. The bottom line however, is that when you attract all the new attention and interest from this strategy, you must make sure to have robust conversion strategies to manage the next step in the sales cycle.

For help with all your online marketing needs and questions, contact Adam Kreitman at Words that Click at


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