Video: Health is Wealth

Wellness expert Dr. Dan Fazio takes intelligent medical research and makes it understandable to the average person. Dramatic medical findings make this presentation both necessary and timely, providing opportunities for life-saving changes in diet to occur.

After explaining the role of inflammation, and implications of our dietary choices, Dr. Fazio provides small, specific, and practical steps everyone should take to create health and homeostasis or balance, in our bodies. He disengages factors previously linked with health risks and introduces new factors he couples with them instead, making previous dietary recommendations extinct and new ones critical. His insights and presentation revolutionize our understanding of how to eat for optimal health.

Reasons Dr. Fazio speaks so eloquently about wellness include:

  • Introducing unprecedented, cutting-edge knowledge to replace poor information from the past 30 years based on faulty science
  • Questioning traditional views of high cholesterol as the cause of heart disease
  • Turning the food pyramid identified in 1991 on it’s head because of the role of grains in causing harmful levels of inflammation
  • Tracking increases in obesity over the past 25 years
  • Recognizing costs of sugar intake on our bodies
  • Examining the role of excessive inflammation as a primary cause of the 4 big killers: heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease and strokes
  • Recognizing tendency of business owners to neglect their physical wellbeing as they work to further business
  • Promoting positive changes that result in significant dividends immediately
  • Educating each person in their responsibility to avoid the abundance of processed and inflammatory foods available in the US and learning to eat an anti-inflammatory and organic diet, focusing on micronutrient loading
  • Gaining clarity about genes and their ability to modify depending upon our choices for what we support in our body, primarily through diet
  • Encouraging all to realize direct control possible over many factors which makeup each individual human health profile

Dr. Dan Fazio, e4e wellness expert, is highly skilled at helping make health information practical and relevant to business owners. Dr. Fazio is a Licensed Chiropractor and Owner of Aequa Health and Wellness where he practices functional medicine, chiropractic processes, AK, nutritional coaching and provides holistic health solutions that prevent and cure physical imbalances. You can reach Dr. Fazio at or at 636.227.4442

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