Video: Higher Prices For Premium Service

Dale Furtwengler, expert pricing and business strategist helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. In this presentation, he begins by exploring why most people are skeptical and afraid to ask for good prices and make decisions based on long-standing but faulty assumptions. He discusses the concept of pricing elasticity in which it is believed that lower prices net greater sales. He provides valuable insights about:

  • Questions business owners’ should focus on: Instead of asking, “how low must we set our prices to get high volume sales”, ask, “how do we make price irrelevant to our clients?”
  • Consider what’s really happening: Using a case study on two high pricing companies and two low pricing companies during the worst economic times, Dale debunks the notion that higher prices lead to lower sales and shows instead that raising prices (along with perceived and real value) lead to higher sales.
  • What to do to get greater sales: Dale guides the viewer to next steps and how to tilt the business playing field in one’s favor so they can get premium prices for their products and services.

Dale Furtwengler is the author of the internationally acclaimed books, Pricing for Profit, Become a Maverick, Grow Your Business Using the Unconventional Strategies of World Class Companies, Lead a Life of Confidence and The Uniqueness Myth. His company, Furtwengler & Associates, Inc., helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. For more pricing/branding/marketing/sales tips visit his website,


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