Video: How to Handle 8 Standard Phone Calling Objections

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John Eyres is expert at getting people fired up to pick up the phone to call clients and prospects. Having some knowledge of how to react and handle calls helps people to get on the phone and make those tough calls. John starts his presentation establishing his credibility and success as an expert in outbound telemarketing with a 30% closing ratio. He is highly qualified to offer helpful tips for telemarketing efforts in which you may need to address the following objections:

  1. Send me information on email or by snail mail“: “I am happy to send you information, but we have a lot of different types of information. Can I get a little more info about you? Can I come see you?
  2. We hand that need internally: You may have niche services that this customer may not have in their organization. Create 5 SSDs (Specific Selling Differentiators). SSDs describe how you are different and what you can provide that they either can’t do without you or skills you are stronger at doing than they are. Say, “This is the exact reason I called. We can be a supplement to what you are already doing.
  3. We have an existing relationship: Ask who the competition is. “Great! That was exactly my reason for the call. I know things change in the future. Can I send some information to you?
  4. We don’t have the budget or money right now: Selling is a life-cycle and you can’t always get the sale immediately with everyone. Build the relationships now that will turn into customers later. Say, “My goal is not to sell you something today. I want to build a relationship with you.” You might be a rescuing hug to someone because you share empathy. Use the words feel, felt and found. For example, “Mr. Jones, I can understand how you might be feeling.
  5. I am not interested: “A lot of people had the same reaction you did until they saw how we benefited them and what we can do for them.
  6. I am too busy: “The only reason I am calling is to set up a meeting with you. When is a convenient date and time for you?
  7. Your pricing is too high: Say, “Price is a concern to all of us.” Then, share the value of your product and service to help them understand that your prices reflect great value to them that is well worth the cost.
  8. I am not the right person for your product or service: Ask for help from the receptionist. If you get sent to someone, and they are not the right person, ask who is. Use the name of the person who passed along the name to warm up the call.

John concludes his presentation answering the following audience question:

How do you handle it when you get voice mail?

  1. Craft your elevator pitch so your first call describes who you are, including your name, phone number and the best times to reach you. Leave your cell phone.
  2. A second message should include the same as well as one of your SSDs (specific selling differentiators)
  3. Well-scripted message are important. John’s success is built on his script and his ability to deliver it naturally. He suggests people practice it 50 times.

John Eyres, President of Business Connections Consulting, works with many sales people and business owners to sharpen their cold calling skills and better understand the process of telemarketing. John resides in St. Louis, MO and can be reached via phone at 314-495-2089 or email;




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