Video: How to Identify and Leverage Your Natural Productivity Style

Your life and business function the most effectively when you are working within your natural productivity style. The following video describes how we identify our unique style and make decisions based on that self-awareness. Productivity expert Cathy Sexton details three key steps we must engage in:

  • Awareness - Pay attention to what causes us frustration and lack of progress. Notice stress around certain aspects of your business processes. Look for places you procrastinate and avoid certain tasks
  • Assessment - Take assessments such as Disc, Meyers Briggs and others so you can better understand what are your values and priorities. Take Cathy Sexton’s natural productivity assessment on the e4e website
  • Application – Put into practice and incorporate into your life and work what you learn about your unique style for greater success

Breakdowns in our emotional, physical, social, spiritual and financial lives can be attributed to our alignment or lack of alignment with our natural productivity style. A key to our success is in our ability to be aware of how we best function within it and how to best honor it. To get the support you need to be productive and fully engaged, contact productivity expert Cathy Sexton’s to get your life and work on track. She can be reached by email at or visit her website

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