Video: How to Maximize the Use of Social Media

Social media expert Karen Fox provides information about how to maximize your marketing strength through strategic use of social media. The reminds viewers that 92% of people trust their friends, family and consumer reviews more than the 13% who are influenced by generic advertising. Karen helps business owners remember that social media is priceless but not free because it takes time and energy to engage in it effectively. Business owners must understand why they should devote resources and have a specific strategy for how social media fits into an overall marketing strategy.

Some of the valuable information in her presentation includes:

  • Netting a return on influence by creating strong relationships with people who come to know, like and trust you
  • Crucial statistics on a variety of social media outlets
  • Determining logistics such as best times and days to post and how many posts are ideal
  • Leveraging lesser-known social media platforms
  • How to use social media schedulers to support regular exposure
  • Statistics on a range of generational habits on social media
  • How and why to use hashtags
  • How to create a meaningful initial introduction leveraging profiles and cover photos
  • The difference between recommendations and endorsements and how to use them
  • The type of content you use and how to engage in relationships rather than just “drive by” social media tactics

Social media is no longer an option for your business. It plays a major role in shaping your business reputation and perceptions about your credibility. If you don’t think you have time to implement a social media strategy, outsource this very important business strategy to Karen Fox at or check out her website

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