Video: Immune System Optimization

Our bodies are amazingly capable of maintaining and restoring our good health, especially when we make good choices to support our wellness.

With wit and intelligence, Dr. Dan Fazio provides in-depth understanding of how our body has built-in mechanisms that support our optimal health. This video on our immune systems creates awareness concerning what we can do to be in harmony with and support of our body’s highest functioning. In this presentation, he covers the:

  • Purpose of our immune system
  • Difference between innate and adaptive immunity
  • Effectiveness of flu vaccines and pharmacology vs. holistic measures
  • Conditions that make invite a virus and those that discourage them
  • Difference between a cold and the flu
  • Role of vitamins and hormones in the immunity process
  • Harmfulness of using antibiotics to combat viruses
  • Ways the body responds negatively to stress and over-consumption of sugars
  • Actions we can take when we start to have symptoms of a virus

Dr. Dan Fazio is a chiropractor and wellness expert specializing in the proactive creation of health and prevention of disease. To get direct support from Dr. Fazio, email him at or call him at 636-227-4442


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