Video Marketing and Article Marketing & How to Become THE Expert

Brett Curry is a friend of mine, and a marketing consultant from Springfield, Missouri. He was leading a marketing discussion with a group of entrepreneurs who were looking to grow their businesses. He asked each to consider the answers to a few simple questions.

Who offers better advice? Dave Ramsey or your local financial planner? Oprah or your local counselor? How do you know?

Brett went on to point out that in his personal experience, much of the exact same advice he received from his local financial planner was the same as what Dave Ramsey was telling his audiences.

If the advice or content that Oprah, Dr. Phil or Dave Ramsey offers is the same or quite similar to what is offered by local experts, why is there such a difference in the prices they can charge for their time? The difference is perceived authority.  Oprah, Dr. Phil and Dave Ramsey have perceived authority and they get more opportunities, higher paychecks and fewer obstacles than those who don’t.

Here’s the big question. What is the difference between you and your competitors?  If you haven’t established yourself as THE expert, online AND offline, then let me encourage you to do something about it.

Quality content is great for Internet branding and the cornerstone of a sound website marketing strategy to build your credibility and authority.  More specifically, if you haven’t started writing articles that demonstrate your knowledge and help people solve problems you know how to fix, then now is the time to start.  Article marketing is a great online website promotion strategy.

Video marketing is even more powerful in my opinion.  If you haven’t utilized video email marketing or YouTube marketing to reach your current tribe of followers as well as your potential friends and fans who are craving your content, then don’t delay.  New media options and social media tools make it easier than ever before.

Oprah, Dr. Phil and Dave Ramsey didn’t get where they are by sitting around waiting for people to discover them.  They made conscious decisions to market and brand themselves and position themselves as authority figures. You can too.