Video Marketing: How to Turn Strangers Into Friends

How would you feel about meeting one of your favorite reality show TV stars?  With all the choices out there it’s hard to find at least one reality show that hasn’t caught your attention. Over the years, it’s likely that you’ve been able to enjoy watching a series like the Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, The Ultimate Fighter series with Dana White, Real Housewives, or MTV’s classic, The Real World.

I admit to being a fan of the popular show Survivor.  I’ve loved it since the first season and I find it very interesting to watch the dynamics of social interaction. It’s my vice.

Within a few weeks of the conclusion of Season 18 of Survivor, I was outside having some dinner with a friend of mine in Springfield, Missouri.  Our table was outside, on the sidewalk, and we were at a little bar and grill downtown called Trolley’s.  Coincidentally, it was owned by another reality TV star, Aaron Buerge from the show The Bachelor.

I asked my friend, who also happened to be a Survivor fan, if he thought the guy coming toward us, walking down the sidewalk, looked like they guy from Survivor they called “Coach” and he said yes. It made sense because, his real job was being the soccer coach at Southwest Baptist University which was only about 30 miles away.

"Coach" and his friend stood there for a moment looking for a table, so we stood up, introduced ourselves and offered to share our table and buy the drinks if he was willing to share Survivor stories. He agreed and we hung out for about an hour. We talked about the other players, the living conditions, his real life, the editing, and all kinds of other things.  He was really cool, incredibly interesting and genuinely a very nice person.

I had never spoken a word to him before that evening, yet I REALLY felt like I knew him and had for a long time. Even though I was a complete stranger to him, he seemed like one of my best friends. If not, why else would I have offered to share a table and buy drinks?

Here’s the point.  When you see people on TV or web video, it is easy to get a feel for them and develop a level of comfort with who they are and what they’re about. It happens very easily and quickly.  There’s no doubt you have feelings for or about plenty of people you’ve never met, whether it’s politicians, athletes, actors, or musicians.

When it comes to building your professional credibility and getting followers, friends and fans both online and off, it’s hard to beat the power of using internet video.  If you haven’t already started, then let me encourage you to embrace the idea of using web video for more than just YouTube marketing.  Consider using online video marketing as part of your website marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns, mobile marketing campaigns, internet branding and social media marketing tools as well.

Give as many people as possible the opportunity to know you and find out what you’re about. Viral marketing becomes possible. Your ideas become accessible 24 hours a day all over the world to anyone with a computer or mobile device with Internet access. When you make good videos and do so often, prospects will want to become your customers. When people feel like they already know you, like you and respect your expertise, then growing your business can become much easier and happen much faster.