Video: Online Marketing

If you have a website and want more customers, you need to effectively maneuver at the intersection where your growth and marketing goals align.

Will Hanke is a global thinker who understands the need to strategize around the growth of your business at a high level and a sequential thinker that helps people drill down to simple actions they can take daily or weekly to become expert at marketing their business. He offers suggestions for how to ensure marketing messages are target-specific so that they meet the unique goals and objectives of a variety of prospects. He supports viewers to easily take action steps that result in tangible increases in sales and customer volume. Key activities he presents in this video include:

  1. Defining your target market and creating personas for the range of individuals within it
  2. Creating content relevant to your customer persona’s and providing it in a variety of mediums
  3. Promoting your content to reach the market you seek by determining where are they at when they consume, where they are relative to the personality of each social media outlet, and by customizing your email marketing and postings per your persona’s and their traits and habits
  4. Telling prospects what to do next by including simple calls to action on every page, using a a variety of options they can engage in to receive something from you or offer something to you

An SEO expert on effective web development and design, Will Hanke is a master at leveraging the power of the internet for your advantage. Will Hanke is Owner of Where Is My Business and can be reached at

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