Video: Patterns and Problem Solving for Life and Business

E4e experts are known for helping each other so no one is flying alone. Steve Smart, marketing strategist needed a plan and someone to support him through the process of eating healthy and losing weight. In this presentation, the following seven principles were employed to help Steve meet his health goals. Along with Steve, wellness expert Dr. Dan Fazio used the same to grow his business exponentially. For these and any other problems you may be facing consider each:

  1. Be willing to think differently and take a new approach
  2. Establish relationships with reliable sources of information, caring experts who help you get through the tough spots
  3. Apply a sustainable pattern
  4. Measure what you can
  5. Celebrate your successes
  6. Stay accountable
  7. Raise the bar

Dan helped Steve lose 49 pounds by helping him to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Both provided specific details about the approach, timeline and support mechanisms that brought about this positive outcome.

What their successful teamwork proved is that working in partnership and friendship, in which emotional, intellectual and physical support is plentiful, brings about positive results. In this presentation, both Dan and Steve share personal, true stories in which they achieve phenomenal results using the 7 principles provided as guidelines for effective problem-solving in life and work.

Steve Smart provides excellence in marketing strategy. Do you need a new strategy to ensure success from your marketing efforts? If so, reach out to Steve Smart at He specializes in helping clients create systems that work best, in order to help them meet and exceed their business goals. Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness expert specializing in the proactive creation of health and the prevention of disease. To get direct support from Dr. Fazio, email him at or call him at 636-227-4442.


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