Video: Personas – Article 1

Here are four simple steps that you can take to begin creating Brand Personas. Once you complete these steps, you can begin targeting your audience and preparing better content for your marketing efforts.

  1. Break down your customers into logical groups.
    Think about the different personalities, titles, and needs of your customers. Do they break up into logical subsets that have similar behaviors?
  2. Thing about the "Pain Point" each group needs resolved
    People mostly care about their pain points. If you truly understand how to resolve those struggles, you can begin to identify and relate with your customer better.
  3. Create names for each of your groups to easily remember them
    Demographics are merely statistics and numbers on a page. While names allow us to humanize our audience. It allows us to think about pain points from a first person perspective.
  4. Ensure you write content that satisfies needs for your personas

Now its time to use your Brand Personas and create videos, articles, and landing pages on your website that simply talk to each one of your customer groups.

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