Video: Profit First

Ready to be wildly successful and make meaningful profit? Pay yourself first and rekindle the joy you had when first starting your business.

Productivity expert Cathy Sexton turns conventional accounting practices on their head and helps people get real about the need to make profit first as a business owner. She addresses the necessary process for creating profit and collecting it no matter what your income, in order to experience sustainable and increasing success.

In this presentation, Cathy provides key insights from the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, whose information provided her a major money mind-shift and increased improvement in her business. She read the book over a weekend and touched upon the following:

  1. How to make profit and owner’s pay immediately on day one
  2. How and why to look at expenses as investments designed to create an ROI for you
  3. Why we will get the same results if we don’t change our thinking and behaving around conventional accounting practices because they are based on a broken formula
  4. Awareness of Parkinson’s law; the ways in which our demand upon a resource tends to expand the amount of that resource;
  5. How we approach our resources such as time, energy and money; what we have, we spend without consideration of all needs.
  6. How to set up your banking accounts so your financial processes allow you to make a habit out of taking profit first when you receive income.
  7. Tips on how to slowly implement a bi-monthly, quarterly and yearly process including use of multiple banks and accounts so money is not easy to manage and preserve.

Cathy’s personal stories and engaging examples help the viewer understand that even the most practical among us need to question the conventional way we have approached money and make significant changes so that profit is a reality and a stabilizing factor in your life and business. Cathy Sexton is founder and CEO of The Productivity Experts and a nationally recognized expert and speaker on productivity. To gain further support and information, contact Cathy at or 314 267-3969


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