Video: Promises, Promises and Creating a Great Tagline

Pricing expert, author and contrarian Dale Furtwengler raises awareness concerning the importance of communicating your brand promises in a straightforward, clear and responsible manner. He opens his presentation reminding viewers that prospects and customers don’t care what you are doing and how you are doing it. They care about what benefits you are providing to them. They want to know what results they are going to get from you to help them to improve their life and work. Unfortunately, many taglines don’t reflect these results.

Dale describes the difference between an ineffective vs. effective, results-oriented taglines. He takes four examples of taglines and shows why they are effective because they meet the following key criteria:

  1. The tagline communicates the result succinctly
  2. The tagline begs the question, “how do you do that?” and
  3. The tagline lays the foundation for speaking to the benefits prospects and clients will receive and creates a compelling value proposition

When your tagline meets these criteria fully, your customers and prospects are much more likely to confidently engage you as a service provider. A good tagline allows you to answer questions in such a manner that your credibility increases during each stage of the conversation. Dale’s use of real-time stories and examples allow the viewers to quickly re-structure their tagline so that everyone wins. Both customers and providers are able to easily determine when there is alignment and a good fit for entering a business relationship. The stage is set to command prices that reflect your promises and ability to fulfill on them.

Dale Furtwengler is an internally acclaimed author. His company, Furtwengler & Associates, Inc., helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. For more pricing/branding/marketing/sales tips visit Dale’s website,


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