Video: Removing Barriers to Peak Performance

Many of our beliefs are faulty and therefore impede and block us in achieving peak performance. Learn how to overcome barriers to your success.

Stephen Hager is an expert on practical neuroscience and how to apply it to address barriers that originate from inside our brain, which is a vault of stored information. Many of the beliefs stored there are faulty and impede and block us in achieving our greatest potential. Luckily there are ways to recognize and overcome these barriers. In this presentation, Stephen focuses viewers on:

  • Strategies to recognize and diminish negative limiting beliefs
  • Shifting yourself into higher, positive emotional states
  • Characteristics of various parts of the brain and how to access the brain state where barriers are overcome
  • Identification of a performance target and how to create a series of thoughts that make the achievement of your outcome likely
  • Getting rid of negative programming and barriers to peak performance
  • Thinking and speaking about what you want instead of what you don’t want

Stephen Hager is owner of Neuidentity, a training and consulting firm. You can reach him by visiting his website: or calling him at (618) 786-2837

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