Video: Setting Goals

Got a great goal to achieve? People ask Scott Kolbe for advice because he’s practicing great habits, getting great results and achieving great goals.

Scott Kolbe, expert in marketing and promoting people so they have confidence and shine, is a role model in doing the same himself. He therefore speaks from experience. This presentation begins with a success story of his own that makes his topic believable, relevant and useful to all who have a dream to achieve goals that may be both bold and challenging and require discipline to successfully occur. In this lively, thought-provoking and information packed presentation, Scott covers the following on setting and achieving goals:

  • Consequences of setting goals – While there are some negative consequences to every choice, Scott creates some compelling positive consequences to making your goals important and giving them priority status.
  • Imagining achievement of what seems impossible – whether it is in your business or personal life, achieving goals impacts every aspect of your life and teaches you to become an expert at controlling the process not the outcome
  • Setting specific boundaries around organizing your goals – how many to select, how to capture them and keep them front and center, and how to minimize other distractions
  • Igniting Your Goals – How to envision your goals and ponder them until they are meaningful and inspiring to you in a manner that builds greater motivation
  • Should Your Goals be in Synch? – How goals fit into the big picture of your life and what milestones help you build the momentum you need to keep a balance and a steady increase in results you want
  • What are SMART Goals – Making sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound
  • What Stops Us from Achieving Goals – Negativity from within and without, being too activity-driven rather than purpose-driven, competing, comparing, perfectionism, isolation, poor planning and more
  • Steps To Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals – Setting yourself up for success through planning, support, and tracking and celebrating progress along the way
  • Planning What You Will Do Next

People are asking Scott Kolbe for advice now because he’s a role model for setting and maintaining habits, getting great results and achieving his goals. He has run the good race, literally and figuratively, as he practices discipline in many areas of his life, personally and professionally. Scott was recently recognized as one of the fittest CEOs in St. Louis area due to his rigorous physical conditioning and achievements in fitness events as well as his many awards for commitment to excellence in his workplace.

Scott co-owns KolbeCo Marketing with his wife Lauren. For more information on this topic and other marketing, social media and PR strategies and practices, visit or contact Scott at 636-379-3895 x 13

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