Video: Short Circuiting Your Stress Response

Dr. Dan Fazio, a specialist in chiropractic methods, acupuncture and functional medicine, provides a thorough, yet succinct review of the physical, chemical, environmental, mental and emotional stressors that must be addressed effectively for optimal health. While he acknowledges positive stress, he focuses most of his presentation on five key factors that keep stress in check. Some of the points cover:

  1. Stress due to not enough sleep – you must get the quantity and quality of sleep needed so your body can handle the needs of the day.
  2. The role of nutrition and hydration
  3. Exercise including what type of exercise works best
  4. Relaxation that comes from identifying behaviors that bring a sense of presence and peace
  5. Mindfulness and how to become mindful with simple meditation you can do in a quick manner that allows you to incorporate it into your life easily.

Dan Fazio is extremely well-read and a life-long learner, sharing how to maintain the most current information on health, stress and the many ways to enjoy wellbeing. Dr. Dan Fazio is a chiropractor and wellness expert, specializing in the proactive creation of health and prevention of disease. To get direct support from Dr. Fazio, email him at or call him at 636-227-4442


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