Video: Smart Ways to Fully Enjoy Food Without Overdoing it

Chiropractor, acupuncturist and naturopath Dr. Dan Fazio specializes in nutrition as a large part of his successful practice. He believes in supporting physical health and wellness through a variety of preventative strategies, including clear, specific, practical tips for how to enjoy holiday and event eating without doing harm to the body. In this program, he covers:

  • Digestion before, during and after eating
  • The role of enzymes and how to help them work
  • How to leverage intake of water throughout the day
  • Ideal conditions for eating
  • Specific processes and sequencing for eating
  • Guidelines for eating dessert
  • The role of activity to enhance digestion and balance

Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness expert specializing in the proactive creation of health and prevention of disease. To get direct support from Dr. Fazio, email him at or call him at 636-227-4442

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