Video: Strategic Bartering

Barter can extend our cash reserves, increase our spending capacity, and help us attract new customers and opportunities.

Barter expert and author Karen Hoffman shares over 20 years of experience, including national and international perspectives on bartering. In her presentation and her book, The Art of Barter, she describes trades of just a few dollars up to those involving millions of dollars. While most people are comfortable using cash, layaway, credit cards or borrowing from a bank or family, she describes the many ways bartering can impacts our lives and can minimize use of cash and stretch the assets we have all while attracting new customers and opportunities.

In her presentation, Karen clarifies:

  • Ways we barter - direct one-on-one, a broker or barter company, trade dollars
  • Reasons we barter – to increase cash reserves, gain new customers
  • What we barter – goods, services, benefits
  • How to identify trade-worthy products or services
  • Communications when we barter – the importance of clarity and structure
  • Timing - when to introduce barter
  • Why to barter – incentives, networking, stretch goals and giving to the community

Making the impossible possible is a trademark of Karen Hoffman, often referred to as the queen of possibilities. In this presentation, she demonstrates the power of creating opportunities where they are typically not unrecognized.

Karen Hoffman is founder of Gateway to Dreams, an organization designed to connect and promote people so they can live their dreams and provide their valuable services to the world. Call her today at 314.503.6376 or email her at

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