Video: Successful Webinars

Sales and marketing expert Josh Turner specializes in the use of LinkedIn and webinars to further the growth of many businesses. As an expert in webinars, he provides insight into a non-conventional approach to using webinars to build meaningful relationships and customizing your event to the specific needs of a small market of attendees.

Josh frequently attends, discusses and reads the latest in use of technology and trending strategies. In this presentation, he shares information recently learned from Ted Miller’s book, The Ultimate Sales Machine (Webinars that Sell) and how he has successfully applied important strategies he has learned that have shaped his newest approach to webinars and have resulted in significantly increased success. In this video presentation, Josh Turner covers the following concepts:

  • Why tiny webinars yield greater profits and how to organize them effectively
  • How many people to invite and how much to charge for their participation
  • The ideal duration of your webinar and when to hold it
  • How to tie your offer into the needs of your audience so they purchase right away
  • How to create a sense of urgency to attend your webinar

Josh ends his presentation recapping the importance of

  • Testing your webinar to make sure it is compelling and converts to business,
  • Clarifying all details on how to market your webinars and
  • Scaling an effective process by working on it until you have figured out what works

Rather than appealing to masses of people, Josh promotes how to craft a customized, compelling and meaningful webinar experience for a handful of likely prospects instead.

Josh Turner is the founder of LinkedSelling, a B2B marketing firm, helping companies systematically build relationships with prospects, turning them from cold into warm leads. Tools they use to achieve this include LinkedIn, webinars, content and email. Please visit for more information.


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