Video: The Effects of Dietary Stress on the Body

Dr. Dan Fazio provides an in-depth presentation providing information on:

  • Our inflammatory response in the body and how food choices can cause it escalate and harm our bodies
  • Understanding the importance of maintaining a stable glycemic load for balanced blood sugar
  • The effects of simple carbohydrate loading on our blood sugar levels and the body’s response of quickly storing fat, often in unlimited capacity
  • How to eat to best utilize our food intake so our body’s metabolism functions in a resourceful and safe way
  • The differences between the types of foods and their possible unique combinations of carbohydrates, fat and proteins

Dr. Fazio ends this presentation providing dietary tips that help viewers make healthy food choices and combinations of foods that allow your body to process energy from it effectively. He reminds viewers that the food we eat is the single biggest thing we can control and the greatest contributor impacting our health. To contact Dr. Dan Fazio, email or call him ( or 636-227-4442)

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