Video: The Energy of Money

Brian Lunt is a pragmatic and expert financial planner and bank VP who helps people map their unique financial values and lifestyle to a plan that works with their highest and most positive energy and priorities, not against them or in neglect of them. Here are key points to his talk.

  • It’s important for people to clarify financially what they want, what they currently have and where they want to go next. This builds positive momentum
  • People must be heard so they can explore first what they want in order to make sure their flow of money is congruent with what they want and not what they don’t want
  • People are either thinking or speaking from a belief in abundance or thinking or speaking from a belief in scarcity and their mindset has everything to do with the energy they bring to their financial choices and their results
  • Timing and long-range thinking is key to keeping a balance in how you approach money choices and to help you become motivated and proactive
  • It is imperative to know what relationship you have with money, what you want to have with it and then consciously create it
  • Create a proactive, responsible plan for financial planning. Not choosing is still a choice

Brian Lunt understands that the approach and resulting choices about money stem from either vision or fear. He shares his priority to help people tap into their innate wisdom and best choices so they can feel excited about their financial strategies and make a plan they will want to stick with to achieve their highest vision.

To get help in setting up an exciting plan and a positive relationship with money, contact Brian at


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