Video: The importance of delegating to grow your business

Need more time? Consider delegating. It’s a way to increase profits and maintain healthy work/life balance.

Lori St. Clair is a highly organized, mindful business owner with a successful bookkeeping business. She understands how difficult it can be to let go of being the only person to grow your business and build the reputation you want. Lori brings real-world experience to facing challenges in managing a company when the business needs more than you can or want to provide. In her presentation, she covers:

  • How and when to delegate work to others
  • What type of help you need to complement your natural work style
  • The systems needed to help others to be successful
  • How delegating work helps you work on your business, now just in your business
  • Benefits of delegation and positive impacts to work/life balance and profitability

In a step-by-step manner, Lori St. Clair helps even the most distracted business owner to consider how to plan for change, and when to get additional help. She keeps the information simple and understandable so the audience sees a real-life example of the benefits of delegating. When this is done well, Lori St. Clair shows the growth of profit possible.

Lori St. Clair is Owner of On Target Bookkeeping Services and is committed to helping business owners who wish to outsource their bookkeeping tasks or as a valued resource to counsel clients when they need customized solutions to managing their finances. To get help, contact Lori at

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