Video: The Importance of Knowing Your Natural Productivity Style

A lack of awareness of your natural productivity style may result in burnout, illness, stress, and disengagement. It’s key to your success and effectiveness long-term.

Your natural productivity style is unique and important to understand. It differs from your adaptive style because it’s based in your inherent personality traits, including your values, beliefs, thoughts and feelings about what works most naturally for you. Understanding, honoring and building upon your natural productivity style is key to success in your life and work. The main things to consider when discovering your natural productivity style are:

  • How you make decisions – are we a snap decision-maker or do we need to contemplate and analyze things before we take action?
  • How you interact socially – are you introverted or extraverted? Do people sap your energy or increase it?
  • Are you spontaneous or rigid in your pace for doing things – do you maintain consistent routines or function best with no plans?
  • Are you detailed and process-oriented or not – you may be very focused on the details or more comfortable thinking about the abstract, high-level perspective.

If you or those who work with you are not aware of the significance of each person’s natural productivity style, results may often include burnout, illness, stress and disengagement. What works for each person as identified in their natural productivity style is key to their success and ability to remain engaged and effective long-term. The ramifications for gaining awareness of it and the impacts of honoring it in the workplace are crucial to understand and address. To enter the process of discovering your natural productivity style, see productivity expert Cathy Sexton’s academy video article on this topic or contact her by email at or visit her