Video: Think Contrary to Attract Opportunities

Dale Furtwengler is an innovative and insightful thinker who delights in discovering buried treasure at every turn, simply because he refuses to be limited by conventional ways of thinking that often blind many to opportunities right in front of them. The focus of his presentation is on how to use a contrarian mindset to think innovative thoughts in order to attract customers rather than continue chasing after them.

Dale establishes the importance of positioning yourself as a person who regularly offers a fresh, new perspective so you are perceived as an expert and are credited with wisdom, which then brings opportunities your way. He stresses contrarian mental disciplines such as:

  1. Understanding and addressing contributory negligence – Dale presents the concept that each person benefits by looking for their contribution to every problem they face. When we admit our mistakes, we see a lot more opportunity for solving problems. This means I acknowledge my mistakes or my part.
  2. Realizing that persuasion is a myth – We can’t persuade people. We can shine a light on new information and use a context they can relate to, and validate their own information so they can persuade themselves. We do this by avoiding rigid statements because they only build defenses.
  3. Suspending judgment – bias limits potential opportunities and solutions. Practice avoiding the creation of resistance.
  4. Looking for and finding similarities – 95% of people see differences and only 5% see similarities. When you do this, you become valuable to others because you can meet their bids to be accepted and understood. Our subconscious has the ability to solve problems. When your subconscious recognizes relevance, similarities, you more quickly know how to get to the next solution.
  5. Adopting a contrarian mindset – you help people see the other side of group think. You offer another perspective. By questioning thinking, you open up greater realms of possibility otherwise not found.
  6. Developing an eclectic education – When you are able to learn to think broadly, you make more connections, can relate to more perspectives and gain greater credibility
  7. Evaluating opportunities – By staying open, opportunities come to you at a rate you never envisioned. Questions can be, “What’s really involved in the process? Am I committed to do this? What impact will this have on my family? How do I recover?” As you are working with clients, what type of feedback and challenges do you face?

Dale Furtwengler is author of the internationally acclaimed book, Pricing for Profit. His company, Furtwengler & Associates, Inc., helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. For more pricing/branding/marketing/sales tips visit his website,


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