Video: Want-Based Selling

Larry Lukens, sales expert, successful business owner and servant leader opens his presentation with this question, “If given the choice, would you rather be sold to or engaged in an authentic, caring conversation?” In this presentation, Larry focuses on the importance of asking questions that are want-based so that you understand the puzzle of challenges your prospects are facing and how to help. He starts out with the four corners of want-based selling:

  • Knowing how to ask the right questions
  • Knowing the long-term benefits of asking the right questions
  • How the closing starts with the opening
  • Understanding wants versus needs

Using a real-time case study to highlight questions that make a consumer aware of what they don’t know what they don’t know, Larry focuses on:

  • Engaging in conversation and asking questions about why someone started their business and challenges they face
  • How to create win/win because every ethical sale provides a solution to what a customer wants
  • Criteria for asking the right questions
  • Why listening twice as much as you talk is an important guideline to follow
  • Understanding the benefits of want-based selling because it is the foundation for productive long-term relationships

Takeaways of this presentation include how to open strong, asking the right questions to build authentic rapport, and remembering the important distinctions between appealing to wants vs. needs. Larry Lukens helps you learn what questions to ask yourself and others in order to have productive conversations that help everyone involved.


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