Video: What and Why Human Systems?

Understanding What and Why Human Systems?

Healthy human systems are a set of practices related to human functioning, such as hiring, firing, educating, and managing people so you impact their ability to get along, get and stay motivated and get more done. She outlines systems that promote active leadership and healthy community characterized by personal initiative and emotional and social intelligence. Because there is greater ownership and accountability, less formal structure is required for performance excellence.

In this presentation, expert Judy Ryan describes how human systems allow you to cultivate the relationships and behaviors in your employees so they help you meet your goals and overcome your challenges. She introduces how to:

  • Implement a mentoring process that helps you foster personal responsibility
  • Understand the impact of control approaches that reduce internal motivation
  • Adopt a responsibility-based leadership development model
  • Recognize how to create commitment vs. compliant or rebellious behavior
  • Improve intrinsic (internal) motivation by understanding 4 intrinsic motivators and your role and function in helping develop them in your employees

Executives, community leaders and educators hire Judy Ryan and LifeWork Systems because they want the competitive advantages possible through healthy workplace culture. For learn more and gain support, contact Judy at 314.239.4727 or


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