Video: What Signals Do You Send and Receive?

Communication is critical to how we influence people, get things done and is at the heart of issues and how we resolve them.

Ann Prenatt is a Human Resources professional and communications expert with many years of experience. She connects the quality of communications to the effects created. Through personal stories and audience interactions she helps all to remember what it is like when communications are delivered through impersonal of means or conducted without mindful intention. Ann Prenatt shares practical reasons why attention to our communication and use of personal influence is critical to the overcoming of challenges and the accomplishment of goals. Her presentation includes:

  • Three primary principles of effective communications related to knowing what you want to create, how you and others behave, and how well you listen
  • The challenges and setbacks of technological communications
  • Seven key levels of communication
  • Examples of inconsistent signals being sent that are more powerful than any words
  • Reflective questions to ask yourself to determine if you are engaged in communication that is getting you the results you desire
  • Roadblocks to avoid when listening
  • A way to determine your ability to influence others effectively
  • Four quadrants outlining how to respond to specific behaviors so you are effective in reading between the lines so you manage relationships effectively
  • The platinum rule in which interest in others is more important than self-interest
  • Reasons to reflect on the connection between results when communicating so you gain clarity and make positive changes based on what you want

How people feel in a relationship with you dictates how they will react to you. in order to create positive feelings with others, Ann Prenatt is highly qualified to help each viewer make it their business to own their results and take responsibility to change them if they want new ones. For human resource management assistance or help in building strong, caring relationships, contact Ann at


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