Video: What’s Your Story Worth?

Content specialist Cynthia Correll begins her presentation with the startling fact that 90% of all information has been created within the last two years and that a barrage of data challenges us all. Because of this, visuals, stories and intriguing concepts are more effective than conventional ways of communicating.

The shape and messaging of content is changing dramatically. The days of white papers, lengthy descriptions of product features and other analytical forms of communication originating from the left side of the brain are a thing of the past. They are being replaced by concepts and images from the creative right side of the brain because the result is personal relationships with prospects and customers.

Cynthia recommends using images, shapes, colors and engaging methods to create fast, personal connections. In this masterful, example-rich video, she provides and demonstrates many helpful hints and examples of effective messages that are:

  • Quick to understand
  • Memorable
  • Interactive and engaging

Cynthia Correll is an expert who knows the value and power of a story and how to use visual media to communicate it effectively. She supports people in using their greatest asset for building trust, inviting participation and connecting in authentic ways that forge lasting relationships. She is the owner of Cynthia Correll’s Creative Emporium. For help in telling your valuable story, you can contact Cynthia Correll at or call her at 636.751.4144


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