Video: Without Systems, Results Fall Short

Getting motivated is not enough. Behavior change is essential, including specific actionable changes in your business and human systems. Life and business are changing quickly and in ways that create gaps and challenges to overcome. In this presentation, sales and productivity expert Bill Prenatt describes how systems enable you to cultivate conditions needed to respond effectively to what’s most important to your business so you are proactive vs. reactive.

Bill Prenatt, visionary, master collaborator and sales expert focuses on helping participants in:

  • Learning how systems close the gap between intent and behaviors
  • Utilizing systems to anticipate and solve problems
  • Connecting-the-dots between results and performance improvement through systems
  • Commitment to change by going deeper into issues using a systems approach
  • Managing the inner conflicts of the business owner using systems to change behaviors, habits, routines
  • Balancing consideration for results and for relationships in healthy measure

E4e founder, Owner of Simply Successful, and sales expert Bill Prenatt facilitates comprehensive programs such as this presentation because of his commitment to provide a breadth of resources to best help businesses grow, run and be healthy. Business owners and entrepreneurs hire Bill Prenatt because of his proven track record in sales and his ability to create strong results while maintaining strong relationships. For further information and to contact him, he can be reached at or 636-484-0208

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